Our MPP students: Ricardo Chejfec

16 Aug 2021

We sat down with Ricardo Chejfec, a recent graduate of our MPP program, to find out about his path to the Max Bell School and his upcoming work with the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

The Max Bell School Celebrates the Graduation of its Second Cohort

5 Aug 2021

The Max Bell School community came together for a virtual graduation ceremony to recognize the achievements of our second class of MPP students.

The 21st Century Credibility Problem

5 Aug 2021

Our keynote speaker, Narayana Kocherlakota, argues for the asymmetry of central bank credibility

Steve Ambler: Why the Bank of Canada Should Target Nominal GDP Rather than Inflation

2 Aug 2021

By targeting the nominal GDP, the Bank can propagate economic recovery and create a more robust monetary policy.

Our MPP students: Henna Hundal

2 Aug 2021

Henna Hundal is one of those people whose plate is constantly full, yet always seems to be able to take on more. She took a quick break from her work with Max Bell School’s Policy Lab to speak with...

Addressing Educational Gender Inequality Through Tech-Ed Solutions in Sierra Leone

28 Jul 2021

How can stakeholders in developing countries leverage innovative technologies to ensure equal access to quality education in remote communities?

Promoting Competition in Property & Casualty Insurance

28 Jul 2021

How can we reduce switching costs for insurance consumers in Canada?



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