MPP Alumni Updates

Share exciting projects, awards, life updates, and accomplishments with us and we'll include them in our alumni newsletter.

Please note there are three sections: Career Updates, Research and Event Updates, and Personal Updates, which you can scroll through with or without answering.

If you have any questions, reach out to Victoria.Weston [at] (subject: MPP%20Alumni%20Updates) .

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Career Updates
Please tell us where you're working right now, and let us know about any promotions, boards you've been appointed to, or any other career news you'd like to share.
Research & Event Updates
Articles, academic papers, or events you’re organizing (including any panels you’re speaking on or presentations you’re giving).
Personal Updates
Got married? Added to your family? Done something interesting? Moved somewhere new? Let us know about it in this section.
I understand that what I am submitting through this form might be shared with the Max Bell School of Public Policy Alumni Newsletter audience, including any file uploads.


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