A Broader Overview

Wexler, E. (2015). MOOCs are still rising, at least in numbers. University World News.

(2014).  What you need to know about MOOCs. The Chronicle of Higher Education - Has a timeline with links to dozens of other articles. 

(2014). MOOCs+Huffington Post - Another list of articles on MOOCs. 

Trucano, M. (2013). Making sense of MOOCs: A reading list EduTech - This article provides links to many longer discussions of MOOCs, including one by an expert with Montreal connections.

Daniel J. (2012). Making Sense of MOOCsJournal of Interactive Media Education - This article by an expert with decades of experience in distance learning is thoughtful, accessible, and measured.  It clearly distinguishes between the objective and goals of the players in the MOOC universe. 

Daniel J. (2014). MOOCs what will be their legacy - Keynote speech, International Symposiun on Global Trends in Online Teaching and Learning delivered on February 7 2014. A more recent look at MOOCs by the same author.

Young J. (2013). Will MOOCs change the way the professor handles the classroom? The Chronicle of Higher Education - This article, an excerpt from a book, discusses how MOOCs could improve on-campus teaching and sets out some concerns about the lessening of diversity  which could result if only a few MOOC providers were controlling what was presented in the classrooms of the world.

This open letter from Philosophy professors at San Jose State expresses their concern that MOOCs can compromise the quality of education and cause social inequality. See this response and a related article. 

This article discusses a professor who ceased giving his MOOC for similar reasons.

The wide spectrum of opinion on MOOCs  is set out in this list of articles on Doug Holton's blog, which are categorized into pro-MOOC, anti-MOOC, amusing,...

Here is a link to a TED Talk by Daphne Koller. Here is a critique.

Here is a link to a talk by Koller at UBC. Here is a critique. 

Here is an article from the Economist which discusses the future of MOOCs from the perspective of business plans. 

This Chronicle of Higher Education article suggests that MOOCs may actually be a huge step backward. 

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McAuley, A., Stewart, B., Siemens, G., & Cormier, D. (2010). The MOOC model for digital practice - This paper written before the advent of xMOOCs focuses on the early cMOOCs. 

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