Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs have been hyped massively in the last two years with the New York Times declaring 2012 to be the Year of the MOOC. The hype has given way more recently to disillusionment with a founder of the first company to offer MOOCS going so far as to say that they have a "lousy product."  Our Provost has suggested MOOCs will be a game changer. We can already see their effect at McGill and elsewhere. They have markedly increased the attention paid to the development and provision of online education.   We feel it is important to provide our members with as much information as possible about MOOCs—especially as McGill is currently developing its policy with respect to MOOCs and has asked for input from faculty members on this issue. Members will find information about MOOCs and links to further resources on the pages listed below. They can participate in a discussion on this topic by posting an entry about MOOCs in the MAUT Blog, The posts of other members on the topic can be accessed easily via  the MOOCs category  of that blog. 


 A Brief History of MOOCs

A Broader Overview

MOOCs at McGill

Faculty and Student Perspectives

Intellectual Property Issues

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