Michael Sullivan (University of Massachusetts)


Title: Quantitative Legendrian geometry.

Abstract: I will discuss some quantitative aspects for Legendrians in a (more or less) general contact manifold. These include lower bounds on the number of Reeb chords between a Legendrian and its contact Hamiltonian image, the non-degeneracy of the Chekanov/Hofer/Shelukhin Legendrian metric, and some 3-dimensional non-squeezing results. The main tool is the barcode of a relative Rabinowitz Floer theory. This is joint work with Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell.

Séminaire Symplectique
Zoom link: https://theias.zoom.us/j/97116147750?pwd=L2Fud1Y4Z2xsT3dhU2NrV0ZXd3lUQT09 (Meeting ID: 971 1614 7750 ; Passcode: 816898)

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