Julian Chaidez (IAS/Princeton)


Title: The Ruelle invariant and convexity in higher dimensions.

Abstract: I will explain how to construct the Ruelle invariant of a symplectic cocycle over an arbitrary measure preserving flow. I will provide examples and computations in the case of Hamiltonian flows and Reeb flows (in particular, for toric domains). As an application of this invariant, I will construct toric examples of dynamically convex domains that are not symplectomorphic to convex ones in any dimension.

This talk is based on joint works arXiv:2012.12869 and arXiv:2205.00935 with Oliver Edtmair.


Zoom : https://theias.zoom.us/j/97116147750?pwd=L2Fud1Y4Z2xsT3dhU2NrV0ZXd3lUQT09 (Meeting ID: 971 1614 7750 ; Passcode: 816898)

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