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An abstract image of a brain as a computer's processor

New research technologies and open science have created a deluge of complex data.

In order to access and analyze this data, the scientific community needs highly specialized neuroinformatics infrastructure, dedicated cadres of highly-trained neuroinformatics and statistical experts, and ever-increasing computational capacity for analysis. The Ludmer Centre's neuroinformatics core team aims to provide researchers around the world with access to innovative neuroinformatics infrastructure by maintaining, expanding and developing databases populated with diverse datasets while concurrently innovating and expanding the computational infrastructure and tools required for their analysis.

Initially developed to support the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) neuroimaging research, the neuroinformatics ecosystem now enables computationally intensive brain research across the globe, with initiatives such as:

These platforms apply innovative mathematical and statistical approaches that allow researchers to integrate clinical, psychological or neuroimaging phenotypes with genotypic and epigenetic information. Further, they streamline the hosting, analysis and visualization of these and other complex datasets.

Thanks to the MCIN, the Ludmer Centre is now uniquely positioned to bridge Canadian researchers with global neuroscience initiatives.

Alan EvansAlan Evans, PhD,  provides leadership for the Neuroinformatics research theme. With over 20-years invested in research and development and a dedicated team of informatics experts, no other Canadian or international initiative can match McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN)’s neuroinformatics infrastructure and expertise nor its leadership and proven track record for high-powered computing and big-data analytics.

In addition to the Neuroinformatics core of the Ludmer Centre, Prof. Evans leads the Neuroimaging component of the centre. 


Neuroinformatics Initiatives and Resources

Our Global and Educational Initiatives

The Ludmer Centre supports and liaises with a number of institutional and global initiatives within this research theme. Find out more:

Our Open Source Infrastructural Resources

Our collaborations and research teams have developed a number of applications and resources available to the global scientific community. Explore our open science platforms:

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