2020-2021 Events

The 2021 annual lecture of the Yan P Lin Centre, with support from the McGill Bicentennial Celebrations was given by Bruno Latour on April 8th on "From One Lockdown to the Next: A Change in Cosmology." Bruno Latour is one of the world’s leading sociologists, anthropologists, and social theorists. He has been on the faculty at the École des Mines in Paris and at Sciences Po Paris, where he also served as vice president for research, and has been a Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics. His many awards and honors include the Holberg Prize and the Legion of Honor. He has written and edited more than twenty books and published more than one hundred and fifty articles.

In conjunction with this event there was a talk by Albena Yaneva introduced by Bruno Latour on April 9th and a reading group hosted by Catherine Lu on Bruno Latour's Reassembling the Social on April 15th.


Oct 30 & Nov 13, 2020 RGGJ Reading Group - Worldmaking after Empire, the rise and fall of self-determination by Adom Getachew, with author present at first meeting.

Nov 27 & Dec 11, 2020 RGGJ Reading Group - Theft is Property by Robert Nichols, with author present at second meeting.

Jan 22 & Feb 5, 2021 RGGJ Reading Group - Transnational Cosmopolitanism by Inés Valdez, with author present at second meeting.

Jan 21, 2021 Representing Humanity: The Role of Museums in Practices of Dis-Alienation and Non-Alienation, Speaker series organized by the Centre Jean Monnet in Montreal, cosponsored by the Yan P. Lin Centre.

Jan 21 2021, RGCS Lecture by Michael C. Munger on "Is Capitalism Sustainable?"

Feb 4 2021, RGCS Lecture by Teresa Bejan on "Equality before Egalitarianism"

Feb 25 2021, RGCS Lecture by Anthony Appiah "What About The Workers?"

March 11 2021, RGCS Lecture by Michelle Schwarze "Sympathetic Resentment and Injustice in Liberal Societies"

March 25 2021, RGCS Debate on "Must churches be democratic?" with Chiara Cordelli and Richard Garnett

April 8 2021, Annual Lecture 2021 by Bruno Latour on "From One Lockdown to the Next: A Change in Cosmology."

April 9 2021, Annual Lecture sponsored RGDST talk by Albena Yaneva introduced by Bruno Latour

April 15 2021, Annual Lecture Reading group hosted by Catherine Lu on Bruno Latour's Reassembling the Social

April 13 2021, RGGJ Dialogue on Decolonizing Museums with Wayne Modest

April 28 - May 1 2021, "Constitutionalism and the Free Society" Conference

April 29 2021, RGCS Lecture series in association with McGill’s Bicentennial celebrations presents a lecture by Melissa Schwartzberg (Silver Professor of Politics, New York University)"Constitutionalism and Local Knowledge: From the Black Death to COVID." This RGCS Lecture is the keynote address for the RGCS conference "Constitutionalism and the Free Society,"

May 28 2021, RGDST sponsored SSAR conference panel "The Past, Present and Future of Black Spaces and Architecture in Canada" with  Destiny Kirumira, Dorothy Williams,
Sheryl Foggo, Sabrina Jafralie, June Francis.


June/July 2020 RGCS fellows Reading Group

June/July 2020 RGGJ Reading Group





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