2015-16 Events

The Yan P. Lin Centre for the Study of Freedom and Global Orders in the Ancient and Modern Worlds at McGill University's

Inaugural Lecture

was given by 
Orlando Patterson

John Cowles Professor of Sociology
Harvard University

Freedom and Contestation in Western Culture: From the Ancient Greeks to America's Tea Party

Wednesday, April 13
4:30-6 pm,
McGill University Faculty Club, Ballroom

Orlando Patterson is one of the world's leading historical sociologists. He is best known for his sweeping comparative studies of the history and meaning of slavery and freedom, Slavery and Social Death (1982) andFreedom in the Making of Western Culture (1991); Freedom won the National Book Award for non-fiction. He has also published widely on the sociology of ethnicity and race, and on development in the Caribbean including his native Jamaica. He has served as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jamaica for social policy and development, and has been recognized with the Gold Musgrave Medal for contributions to literature, the Sorokin Prize for distinguished contributions to scholarship in sociology, and the Ralphe Bunche Prize for the best work in political science studying ethnic and cultural pluralism. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the author of three novels.


10/26/2015: Global Antiquities Research Event. Kurt Raaflaub (USA), “Globalizing ancient political thought: Early Greece and China.”

10/29/2015: Constitutional Studies Lecture. Laurel Weldon,“The Logic of Gender Justice: Body, Market, Church, and State in Global Context.”

11/05/2015: Global Antiquities Annual Lecture. Lothar von Falkenhausen (USA), “China and the West - before the Silk Routes.” Photo Gallery.

11/12/2015: Transitions and Global Modernities. Carl Bon Tempo.

11/12/2015: Constitutional Studies Lecture. Richard Boyd.

11/23/2015: Transitions and Global Modernities. Ferenc Erős, “The Refugee Crisis, Xenophobia, and Racism in Hungary.”

11/26/2015: Constitutional Studies Lecture. Philippe Lagasse, “The Drifting Canadian Crown: Institutional Change and Judicial Interpretations of the Monarchy.”

12/14/2015: Global Justice Workshop. “From beneficiaries to actors: Understanding displaced persons' roles in resolution processes.” Announcement.

02/02/2016: Democracy, Space and Technology Opening Reception. “Creative Dissent: Art of the Arab Uprisings.” Announcement, poster.

02/04/2016: Constitutional Studies Lecture. Jenna Bednar (USA), “Bottom-Up Federalism: How the States are Changing the Tenor of American Public Policy and Rights.” Video.

02/10/2016: Global Antiquities Lecture. Carlos Noreña (USA), “Provincial Spaces and Layered Monarchies in the Han and Roman Empires.” Photo Gallery.

02/16/2016: Global Antiquities Research Event. David Engels (Belgium), “Parallel Lives? Caesar and Qin Shi Huang Di, Augustus and Han Gaozu.”

02/22/2016: Democracy, Space and Technology Inaugural Lecture. C. Greig Crysler (USA), “Rethinking design activism: Scale, exchange and architectural education.” Poster.

03/22/2016: Transitions and Global Modernities Lecture. Abdel Razzaq Takriti (USA), “Arab Revolutionary Mobilisation in the Anti-Colonial Age: Dhufar, 1965-75.” Poster.

03/31/2016: Constitutional Studies Debate. Eric Mack, “Liberty, Individuality, and Self-Ownership.”

04/13/2016:  Inaugural Lecture. Orlando Patterson (USA), “Freedom and Contestation in Western Culture: From the Ancient Greeks to America's Tea Party.” Video.

05/16/2016: Democracy, Space and Technology Conference. Benjamin Fortna (USA), “School Time! Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Educational Globalization.” Website.

2014 Events

10/22/2014: Global Antiquities Annual Lecture. Josiah Ober (USA), “The Rise, Fall, and Immortality of Ancient Greece.” Photo Gallery.

10/22/2014: Global Antiquities Workshop. “Citizens and Commoners in ancient Greece, Rome, and China.” 



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