2019-2020 Events

In 2020 the Annual lecture was to be given in the spring by Rana Mitter on “China's Good War: How World War II is shaping the new nationalism”.  Rana Mitter is the Director of the University of Oxford China Centre.  He has published on the political and cultural history of twentieth-century China and is the author of several books, including Modern China: A Very Short Introduction (2008, new ed. 2016), the award-winning A Bitter Revolution: China’s Struggle with the Modern World (2004) and the China’s War with Japan, 1937-45: The Struggle for Survival (US title: Forgotten Ally) which was named as a 2013 Book of the Year in the Financial Times and the Economist, and was named a 2014 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, and won the 2014 RUSI/Duke of Westminster’s Medal for Military Literature. Rana Mitter also presents and and contributes regularly to programs on television and radio, commenting on contemporary Chinese politics and society. His television documentary “The Longest War: China’s World War II” was broadcast on the History Channel Asia in summer 2015.  

This event was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.  The Centre will organize for Rana Mitter to give this lecture as soon as possible.


Sept 12-13, 2019 McGill Climate Change Conference “Building the Canadian Green Economy” Cosponsored by RGCS

Sept 18-21, 2019 Charles Taylor Lecture Series - Inaugural lectures by Philip Pettit. GRIPP Cosponsored by RGCS

  1.  “What marks off persons from other agents? Society, language, and narration”
  2.  “What ties personhood to having values? Autonomy, respect, and freedom”

Sep-27, 2019 Colleen Murphy “When does a process of transitional justice qualify as just?” (Lecture) RGGJ

Oct-03, 2019 Jacob Huber “Democratic Hope” (Lecture) RGGJ

Oct-04, 2019 NECBS Northeast Conference of British Studies cosponsored by RGTGM

Oct-17, 2019 Lynn Meskell “Engineering Internationalism: Colonialism, The Cold War and UNESCO’s Victory in Nubia” RGGA - Annual Outreach lecture

Oct-18, 2019 Sarah Song “Does Justice Require Open Borders?” (Lecture) RGGJ

Oct-24, 2019 Kimberly Clausing “the Progressive Case for Free Trade, Immigration, and Global Capital” (Lecture) RGCS

Oct-25, 2019 Steven Pincus “Thinking the British Empire Whole to 1788: A global approach to imperial history” (Lecture) RGTGM

Nov-01, 2019 Bill Taubman “The Rise and Fall of Mikhail Gorbachev – And Some Lessons for the Putin Era” (Lecture) Russian Studies Cosponsored RGTGM

Nov-01, 2019 Book Roundtable with Pablo Gilabert, Patti Lenard, Andrea Sangiovanni and Katharina Nieswandt Books discussed: “Human Dignity and Huma Rights” by Pablo Gilabert and “Humanity without Dignity” by Andrea Sangiovanni. RGGJ

Nov-04, 2019 Fredrik Meiton “Electrical Palestine: Jewish and Arab Technopolitics under British Rule”. (luncheon meeting) (Lecture) RGTGM

Nov-07, 2019 Helena Rosenblatt “Germaine de Staël, Benjamin Constant and the foundations of liberalism” (Lecture) RGCS

Nov-08, 2019 Piotr Koscki “ Catholic Imperialism & the Revolutions of 1989: How Western Europe’s Christian Democrats Tried, and Failed, to Recast Eastern Europe in their own Image”. (Lecture) RGTGM

Nov-15, 2019 “Walls Symposium” RGTGM

Nov-29, 2019 Sheila Fitzpatrick "Russians on the Move: Postwar Resettlement in Australia from European DP Camps and China" (Lecture) RGTGM

Jan-10, 2020 Jeff Sahadeo “Making Caucasians Black: Street Trade and Racism on the Streets of Soviet Moscow” (Lecture) RGTGM

Feb-21, 2020 Xavier Bériault “Political Networks: Relational Thinking, Hannah Arendt, And Social Network Analysis” (lecture) RGGJ

Feb-21, 2020 Cindy Ewing “New Asia and the Limits of Third World Internationalism, 1945-1965” (Lecture) RGTGM

May 19, 2020 Jennifer Welsh “Sovereignty as responsibility: Assertive Liberalism in International Society: (Book Manuscript Workshop) RGGJ



June/July 2020 Lin Centre Reading Group, Saleema Nawaz “Songs for the End of the World” and Toni Morrison “Beloved”

June/July 2020 RGCS Reading Group, Pascal's “Pensées” and Montaigne's “Essais”


The following events were cancelled due to COVID:

Mar-13, 2020 Alison Rowley “Who Needs Elvis When You Can Have Putin? The Russian President in American Popular Culture” (Lecture) RGTGM

Mar-19, 2020 Fernando Téson “Just Cause for War: A Re-Examination” (Lecture) RGCS

Mar-20, 2020 Anna Stilz “Refugees and the Distribution of Territory” (Lecture) RGGJ

Mar-20, 2020 Timothy Naftali “The Wounded Superpower: the Impact of Impeachment on America and the World“. (Lecture) RGTGM

Apr-02, 2020 Rana Mitter “China's Good War: How World War II is shaping the new nationalism”. Lin Centre annual lecture

Apr-03, 2020 Robbie Shilliam “The Past and Present of Abolition: Reassessing Adam Smith’s Liberal Reward of Labor” (Lecture) RGGJ

Apr-09, 2020 Michael Munger “Pokemon Go, a Bridal Registry, and Smart Contracts: The Future of Communities” (Lecture) RGCS/RGAI

Apr-09, 2020 Michael Munger “Is Capitalism Sustainable in a Democracy?” (Seminar) RGCS



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