2018-2019 Events

In 2019 the Yan P. Lin Centre Lecture was given in the spring by Elizabeth Anderson on “The Great Reversal: How Neoliberalism Turned the Economic Aspirations of Liberalism Upside Down “. Elizabeth Anderson is a John Dewey Distinguished University Professor, John Rawls Collegiate Professor and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at the University of Michigan. She specializes in ethics, social and political philosophy, feminist theory, social epistemology, and the philosophy of economics and the social sciences. She is the author of Value in Ethics and Economics, The Imperative of Integration, and, most recently, Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (And Why We Don't Talk About It), as well as articles on value theory, the ethical limitations of markets, facts and values in social scientific research, feminist and social epistemology, racial integration and affirmative action, rational choice and social norms, democratic theory, egalitarianism, and the history of ethics (focusing on Kant, Mill, and Dewey). Lecture given on March 28th.

Aug 28, 2018: Samuel Ely Bagg, RGCS manuscript workshop "The Dispersion of Power: Thinking Democratically in the 21st Century"

Sept 14, 2018: Lea Ypi (LSE), RGGJ ‘Eleven theses on migration and citizenship in the capitalist state’

Sept 21-22, 2018: RGRGM Book workshop: Lorenz Luthi, "Cold Wars: Asia, the Middle East, Europe".

Sept 28, 2018 Mike Morgan (University of North Carolina) “The Final Act: The Helsinki Accords and the Transformation of the Cold War”

Oct 12, 2018: Nils Holtug (U of Copenhagen),GRIPP co-sponsored with RGGJ - ‘Cosmopolitanism and Open Borders’

Oct 18, 2018: Kimberley Bowes (University of Pennsylvania), RGGA, Global Antiquities Annual Outreach lecture “The Roman 90%: Poor People in the Roman World”

Oct 19, 2018: Kimberley Bowes (University of Pennsylvania), RGGA Student Seminar

Oct 19, 2018: Sherryl Lightfoot (UBC), ‘The Politics of Indigenous Apologies’, RGGJ

Oct 26, 2018: Workshop on ‘Comparing Socialism and Capitalism’, RGGJ

Oct 26, 2018: Book launch and roundtable on Do Central Banks Serve the People? Roundtable with Peter Dietsch (author), François Claveau (author U of Sherbrooke) and Juliet Johnson (U of McGill).

Nov 7, 2018 (RGRGM luncheon meeting), Rouba Salem "Security, Rights, Law: The Israeli High Court of Justice and the Israeli Settlements in the Occupied West Bank"

Nov 8, 2018: Turku Isiksel (Columbia), RGCS lecture “What rights do corporations have, and why?”

Nov 9, 2018: Turku Isiksel (Columbia), RGGJ workshop "Corporate rights claims under the ECHR: A critical reconstruction"

Nov 13, 2018: RGGA Talk by Professor Zhang (Associate Professor in the Department of History at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai) “Jiaozhi Merchants in Eastern Han Changsha”

Nov 15, 2018: RGGA Talk by Professor Zhang Zhaoyang (Associate Professor in the Department of History at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai) “The Statutes on Transgressing Palaces in Light of Newly Excavated Materials from Yangzhou”

Nov 23, 2018: Talbot Imlay (Laval), RGRGM public lecture “The Practice of Socialist Internationalism: European Socialists and International Politics, 1941-1960”

Nov 27, 2018: Dell Upton, RGDST lecture “What Can & Can’t Be Said: Commemorating U. S. African-American History in the Shadow of the Confederacy.”

Nov 30, 2018: Chris Miller (Tufts), RGRGM public lecture “Putinomics”

Dec 6-7, 2018: Conference New Directions in Global Justice held in Berlin, jointly held by KFG “Justitia Amplificata” (Freie U. Berlin and Goethe U. Frankfurt) and Research Group on Global Justice of the Yan P. Lin Centre (McGill University)

Jan 18, 2019: RGTGM lecture by Phi Vân Nguyen (University of Saint-Boniface) "Cold War Refugees, War Representations and Transnational Solidarity Towards Vietnamese Displaced Populations,1954-1960"

Jan 24, 2019:: Joint book launch "Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics" by Arash Abizadeh, "Machiavelli and the Orders of Violence" by Yves Winter, "The use of Force under International Law - Lawyerised States in a Legalised World" by Fernando Nuñez-Mietz (cosponsored by RGGJ and RGCS and Dept of Political Science).

Feb 5, 2019:: RGDST Public lecture by Palestinian Architect Senan Abd El Qader "Architecture of (in)dependency"

Feb 11-March 1, 2019: RGDST Architecture Exhibition, "Now What?! Advocacy, Activism & Alliances in American Architecture since 1968"

Feb 12, 2019: Roundtable for "Now What ?!" exhibition with curators Lori Brown, Andrea Merrett and Sarah Rafson RGDST

March 7-8, 2019: RGTGM “The Stakes of Sanctuary” Workshop

March 14, 2019: Teresa Bejan (Oxford), RGCS Lecture, “Equal Speech (In Public)”

March 26, 2019: RGGJ Pre-ISA workshop "The Margins of Accountability, An interdisciplinary workshop on marginalization in struggles for accountability and justice"

March 28, 2019: Lin Centre Annual Lecture Elizabeth Anderson “The Great Reversal: How Neoliberalism Turned the Economic Aspirations of Liberalism Upside Down”

April 2, 2019: C.J. Alvarez (University of Texas at Austin), RGTGM lecture, "The Environment and the U.S.-Mexico Border"

Apr 5, 2019: Samuel Moyn (Yale) – RGGJ RGTGM RGCS cosponsor talk “Humane: The New Face of War”

Apr 8, 2019: Julie Gottlieb (University of Sheffield) – RGTGM talk – "Britain's forgotten 'War of Nerves': The masses, mental health, morale and the fallout of the Munich Crisis"

Apr 9, 2019: RGDST sponsored exhibition "Urban-night-exhibition"

Apr 26, 2019: Research Group on Global Antiquities lecture by Randolph Ford (University of Notre Dame), "Nomads of Central Asia and Rome-China Comparative History"

May 9-10, 2019: Loss - A Symposium RGTGM Conference

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