Three professors recognized by the Royal Society of Canada

Published: 8 September 2020

The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce that Professor Adelle Blackett, Dean Robert Leckey, and Professor Stephen Smith have been honoured by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Professor Blackett and Professor Smith have been elected fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences and Dean Leckey has been elected a member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

Adelle Blackett, Ad. E., is a world-class scholar in labour law, trade regulation, and critical approaches to law. A key thinker behind the idea of transnational labour law, she has centred a pluralist, emancipation-focused approach to redressing historical marginalization in the world of work. She has also been recognized for her expert leadership on international treaty making on decent work for domestic workers, human rights monitoring, and labour law reform.

Robert Leckey is Samuel Gale Professor and dean of the McGill Faculty of Law. An award-winning, internationally recognized scholar and teacher in constitutional law, family law, and comparative law, he has advanced knowledge on matters such as legal recognition of traditionally unrecognized family forms, including LGBTQ couples, and techniques used by the judiciary in human rights cases. His frequent media appearances help to inform the public and to advance debates on legal issues.

Stephen Smith is one of the world’s leading private-law scholars. Through his ground-breaking and influential publications (including Contract Theory and Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices) on the theory of contract law, concept of unjust enrichment, methodology of legal scholarship, and nature of judicial remedies, he has transformed our understanding of the law governing private interactions and of the courts’ role in resolving disputes arising from those interactions.

“We are proud to be part of a law faculty home to a long tradition of research excellence,” said Professor Allison Christians, associate dean (research) and H. Heward Stikeman Chair in Tax Law. “We congratulate Prof. Blackett, Prof. Smith, and Dean Leckey on this new achievement.”

About the Royal Society of Canada

Established in 1883, the Royal Society of Canada consists of over 2,000 Fellows who have been selected by their peers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences, arts, and humanities. As a complement to the Fellowship, the RSC established the College of New Scholars, Scientist and Artists in 2014. The College recognizes individuals who have begun demonstrating leading scholarly, research or artistic excellence within 15 years of having completed their post-doctoral program or its equivalent. Learn more about the RSC

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