Ram Jakhu promoted to Full Professor


Published: 13Oct2021
Professor Ram Jakhu (an Indian man wearing a gray jacket over a white shirt and red McGill tie stands in front of a stone wall). Photo by Lysanne Larose.

The Faculty of Law is delighted to announce that Professor Ram Jakhu will be promoted to the rank of full professor, effective 1 November 2021.

Professor Jakhu joined the Faculty of Law in 1978 as a professor after receiving his LLM and DCL from the Faculty’s Institute of Air & Space Law (IASL). He served as director of the Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries from 1999 to 2004 and as the associate director of the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law from 2006 to 2016. Professor Jakhu served as director of the IASL in 2016-2017 and is presently serving again as acting director. He is director of the innovative international research project for drafting a Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS).

Professor Jakhu teaches and conducts research in international space law, law of space applications, law of space commercialization, government regulation of space activities, law of telecommunications and Canadian communications law, and public international law. He regularly contributes to public education and debate by speaking in the media about his areas of expertise. He recently edited an international study on Global Space Governance involving about 80 experts from around the world.

“I am delighted to see this recognition of our colleague’s extensive contributions in international space law and the law of telecommunications,” said Dean Robert Leckey. “A deeply appreciated scholar, collaborator, supervisor, and administrator, Professor Jakhu has helped centrally in McGill’s maintaining its place as the world’s leading centre for air and space law.”

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