Trivia Night for Avocats Sans Frontières


Online event.
Free, but donation welcome!

Get excited for Avocats Sans Frontières McGill’s first event of the year: Trivia Night!

It will be a fun night to relax, hang out with your peers, have a little fun competition, and win PRIZES! Join however you like, by yourself or with friends. We will sort you into groups and help you forget about your work for a night!

Les prix comprennent 150$ en cartes-cadeau et en livres sur les droit sur les droits de la personne fournis par LexisNexis!

L'entrée est gratuite mais nous encourageons vivement les participant.e.s à faire un don à Avocats sans Frontières, si possible :

The zoom link will be made available on ASF McGill's Facebook event.

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