Comparative Law Reading Group


Chancellor Day Hall NCDH 609, 3644 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

The Institute of Comparative Law (ICL) is pleased to invite you to its first Comparative Law Reading Group session. It is open to every interested student (graduate and undergraduate) who wish to join.

Our reading group aims at an introduction into the field of Comparative Law in general, and into its most important current debates. Why and how do we compare? And what is it that makes ‘Comparative Law’ a ‘discipline’ in its own right?

We shall explore these pressing issues, with a particular focus on methodological questions, through the reflection on pivotal scholarly texts. These texts will be made available through the ICL website to students who wish to join the group. If you wish to join the group, kindly email enrique.boonebarrera [at] and CC the ICL webmaster ke-jia.chong [at]

It is the goal of our joint endeavour to help students to develop a better understanding of the challenges of engaging in comparative research, and to gain the skills necessary to address these challenges. In this first session we also hope to hear from you how the reading group can best address your particular interests in comparative research. 

While the reading group is particularly geared to graduate students of the ICL, it is open to all graduate (and undergraduate) students interested in Comparative Law.  

In the Winter term, the group will convene once a month.