Joint Honours Program (36 credits)

Joint Honours Advisers:

Professor Yael Halevi-Wise
Phone: (514) 398-1013
Office: Leacock Building, Room 831

Professor Ula Madej-Krupitski
Office: Leacock Building, Room 815

TBA (for technical questions)
Admin. & Student Affairs Coordinator
Office: Leacock Building, Room 712 

JWST Joint Honours Audit Form (Please complete this form before your advising session)

Students who wish to study at the Honours level in two Arts disciplines can combine Joint Honours program components from any two Arts disciplines; see Joint Honours Programs section in the undergraduate calendar for a list of available programs.

Joint Honours students should consult an adviser in each department to discuss their course selection and their interdisciplinary research project (if applicable).

Joint Honours Courses:

  1. Required Courses (9 credits)

    JWST 211 Jewish St 1: Biblical Period (3)
    JWST 491 Honours Thesis 1 (3)
    JWST 492 Honours Thesis 2 (3)
  2. Complementary Courses (27 credits)

    A) 0-6 credits: Language

    Each Joint Honours student will complete at least one Jewish language at the advanced level of instruction. A student who can demonstrate competence in a Jewish language may be permitted to substitute other courses for all or part of the language requirement.

    JWST 340D1 Advanced Hebrew (3)
    JWST 340D2 Advanced Hebrew (3)
    JWST 480 Advanced Yiddish 1 (3)
    JWST 481 Advanced Yiddish 2 (3)

    B) 6 credits

    JWST 216 Jewish Studies 2: 400 BCE-1000 (3)
    HIST 207 Jewish History:400 BCE to 1000 (3)
    JWST 217 Jewish St 3: 1000 to 2000 (3)
    HIST 219 Jewish History: 1000-2000 (3)

    C) 15-21 credits

    Complementary courses will be planned with an advisor and will normally be chosen to reflect progress to the advanced level in one of the Areas of Study: Biblical Studies, Jewish Thought, Jewish History, Language, Literature and Culture, Rabbinic Studies, and Modern Jewish Studies.

    According to Faculty regulations, Honours students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and a Program GPA of 3.00 or higher.
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