Dorot: The McGill Undergraduate Journal of Jewish Studies

Submissions for the Dorot Jewish Studies Journal is March 24.Dorot: The McGill Undergraduate Journal of Jewish Studies is published annually by the Jewish Studies Students’ Association with generous assistance from the community and the university. The Journal of Jewish Studies often provides students with their first opportunity to be published and is thus an excellent resource for both students and people interested in Jewish Studies.

Scholarly submissions to Dorot can be made by any undergraduate student at McGill and may be on any question of Jewish studies. Past submissions have included papers on Jewish history, Yiddish language and literature, political science, cultural music theory, biblical interpretation, and many more; any topic relating to Jewish studies is acceptable. We would like to continue to include analytical essays from a wide range of subjects in the interests of representing the diversity of classes offered by McGill University and the Department of Jewish Studies.

We are looking for works on a Jewish theme; well-structured, well-written and well researched papers that received a grade of A- or A. These papers should offer concise arguments and perspectives. Submissions may be in English, French, Yiddish or Hebrew.

mcgilldorot [at] (Send essays to )mcgilldorot [at]

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Dorot Journal Vol. 20 Volume 20 (2021-23)










Dorot Journal Vol.19 Volume 19 (2021)





Dorot Journal Vol. 18 Volume 18 (2019-20)





Volume 17 (2018)





Dorot Journal Vol. 16Volume 16 (2017)





Dorot Journal Vol. 15Volume 15 (2016)





Dorot Journal Vol. 14Volume 14 (2015)





Dorot Journal Vol. 13Volume 13 (2012)





Dorot Journal Vol. 12Volume 12 (2010)





Dorot Journal Vol. 11Volume 11 (2009)





Dorot Journal Vol. 10Volume 10 (2008)





Dorot Journal Vol. 9Volume 09 (2007)


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