Admissions Procedures

Admission Deadlines:

Fall: Preferably by February 1
Winter: Preferably by September 15

 As of October 2012, McGill’s formerly paper-based graduate application process has been replaced with a more convenient electronic version.  For detailed instructions on how to apply and how to upload required supporting documents in the new version, please see: All supplemental application materials and supporting documents must be uploaded directly to the McGill admissions processing system. See for information and instructions.


  1. Application Form
    Please note that it is very important to complete the application form in full in order for your application to be processed by the Faculty. Only online applications are available. To apply, please go to:
  2. Application Fee
    A non-refundable application fee of approximately $110.00 (Canadian funds) payable to McGill University must accompany your application. Only credit card payments are accepted.
  3. Research Proposal/Study Plan
    Applicants must submit a research proposal (for the Ph.D program or M.A. Thesis Option) or a study plan (for the M.A. Non-Thesis Option).
    - Nature of proposed research/study plan: Provide a non-technical summary of your proposed research, including a title (Maximum 1 page).
    - Proposed Supervisor(s)
  4. Curriculum Vitae
    Briefly describe your previous experience (research, educational, extracurricular, work) career goals and any special circumstances that should be taken into consideration for your application. If applicable, please include the following:
    - Thesis Work: Provide a brief summary of any current or previous thesis work.
    - Employment Experience (or other full-time activities): Please indicate any employment, including research positions you have held. Provide dates starting from the most recent.
    - Honours, Awards, Distinctions: Indicate if national/local/institutional and monetary value if applicable.
    - Publications: List any refereed publications and non-referred publications. For co-authored publications, briefly describe your contribution.
  5. University Transcripts
    Your complete record of study from each university-level institution (incluidng McGill) you have attended to date. Uploaded copies will be considered as unofficial; final, official copies will be required once you are offered admission.
  6. Letters of Recommendation
    On the application form you must provide the names and email addresses of two professors who have taught you, or a supervisor with whom you have worked recently preferably in your area of specialization. McGill will contact these referees and invite them to upload references on your behalf.
    Note: There is no special reference form. A letter of recommendation should be written on the author’s academic letterhead. Please refer to the enclosed link for guidance in writing letters of recommendation for applicants to McGill graduate programs:
  7. Writing Sample
    Applicants must submit a Writing Sample (usually, a good revised term paper or academic essay, maximum 15-20 pages).
  8. Language Competency
    Non-Canadian applicants whose mother tongue is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate degree using the English language, are required to submit documented proof of competency in English before their application for admission can be considered, specifically: the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is also acceptable. Please see this page. Your application will not be processed without this document.
    Note: If ANY document is in a language other than English, official translations MUST be provided.

IMPORTANT: Your application cannot be considered complete and will not be processed until all of the above requirements have been met.

Notification of Graduate Committee's Decision

In some cases, decisions are delayed pending final marks which are not available until April or May. It is in your interest to provide a permanent address to which mail can be addressed at any time and be sure of reaching you. This should be the address on your application form.

Ph.D Applicants

Students wishing to pursue the Ph.D. degree in Jewish Studies should not apply before discussing their plans with the Chair or one of the Graduate Supervisors in the Department of Jewish Studies. The nature of the program requires that potential students have a reasonably clear idea of their dissertation project at the time of application. (An ad hoc Ph.D. Program in Jewish Studies can be arranged. Please note that applicants to the Ph.D. program must have completed an M.A. in Jewish Studies or a related field).

Please contact jessica.ward2 [at] (Ms. Jessica Ward) (514-398-2844) for technical questions regarding the application process.

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