Global Governance Research-to-Practice Lab

Today’s world is faced with increasingly complex challenges that, in a context of growing interconnections among countries, must be addressed on a global scale. There is thus a critical need to explore and design new, practical forms of governance that are more appropriate for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Our research is dedicated to providing original, insightful ideas and knowledge, and contributing to the design of formal and informal rules and practices to promote sustainable, inclusive development, and democratic governance.

The Global Governance Research-to-Practice Lab is housed at McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID). The Lab builds on the expertise of interdisciplinary researchers at ISID working across the social sciences and beyond.

The ultimate aim of the Lab is to facilitate uptake of the state of the art knowledge in international development around the themes of natural resource conflicts and trade-offs, migration and refugees, and governance by policy makers and practitioners so that they can be more effective, understanding the greater framework and the interrelated issues.

Learn more by visiting the virtual Global Governance Lab:

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