Teaching Assistants

List of Fall 2023 Term Teaching Assistant Positions in the Institute for the Study of International Development

Posting Date: May 31, 2023

The final number of position available will depend upon enrollments.

The list below reflects the maximum number of positions available, and some may not be filled. Fractional teaching assistantships (<180 hours) may be offered.

Teaching Assistants must be registered graduate students at McGill University. Applications by those who are not graduate students will not be accepted. All applications must be made via Workday, McGill University’s human resources management system.

Applicants are requested to submit a CV with their application.

Rate: $33.03 per hour

Application Deadline: June 16 2023


Course Title Number of Positions

INTD 200. Introduction to International Development. 4 Positions

INTD 350 Culture and Development 1 Position

INTD 356 Quantitative Methods for Development 1 Position

INTD 397 Topics in International Development (2 sections) 2 Positions

INTD 398 Topics in Conflict and Development 1 Position

INTD 497 Advanced Topics in International Development (2 sections) 2 Positions


Required duties

  • Evaluate/ Grading and commenting on assignments;
  • Conducting office hours (virtual or in person) for student consultation and advising;
  • Attending course lectures;
  • Hold Conference sections.



  • Must be a graduate student enrolled at McGill University; all fields considered;
  • Students with an Undergraduate B.A., IDS Honors/Joint Honors especially encouraged to apply;
  • Demonstrable knowledge of world development preferred;
  • Good academic standing;
  • Effective communication skills, English and French.


Please submit your application via Workday.

External applicants (those not currently working at McGill), apply here: https://mcgill.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/mcgill_careers/details/Intern...

Internal applicants (those currently working at McGill), apply here:  https://wd3.myworkday.com/mcgill/d/inst/15$158872/9925$63955.htmld

This posting will close on June 21 2023.


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