Course Lecturers

Date: July 20 2022


The Institute for the Study of International Development and its International Development Studies program seeks a course lecturer (MCLIU - unionized) for a one course for the Fall 2022 term at McGill University. This is a supplementary posting, and will remain open for two days. A Course lecturer is required for:


  • INTD 356 section 1. Quantitative Methods for International Development. Monday and Wednesday, 16:05-17:25.

The Institute is particularly interested in applications that will address the following theme and aspects of quantitative methods: International Development and introduction to quantitative methods for impact evaluation. Build from fundamental concepts in statistics; introduction of an intuitive conceptual framework to think about causal effects. Simple but rigorous data analytics, design and implement randomized controlled trials, regression analysis, or implement other main methods for impact evaluation.

Teaching Qualification Requirements

Education: Doctorate or Advanced Studies in related discipline (Economics).

Experience: Experience and research in the area of international development.


Applicants are asked to provide a cover letter and teaching statement in addition to their CV.


Please note that all applications must be made via Workday, McGill University’s human resources management system. Applications via e-mail will not be accepted.


These positions are open only to those with the right to live and work in Canada. Applications from non-residents will not be considered.


Rate of pay: $9625.00 per course.


As per the collective agreement, supplementary postings will remain open for 2 days and will close promptly afterwards. This posting will expire at 00:00 am the day of the deadline to apply. You have until midnight the day before the deadline to apply to submit your application.  The posting date will be announced shortly.


These courses are scheduled to be taught in person.

  • Internal candidates may apply here:  WORKDAY
  • External candidates should apply here:  WORKDAY


Interested candidates may write to Iain Blair iain.blair [at] for details and further information.


Please note that given the resumption of in-person teaching activities, most courses will be taught in person. Exams may however need to be administered remotely depending, mainly on the size of the class. Course Lecturers will be required to plan accordingly. Should government restrictions prohibit the resumption of in person teaching, courses will revert to remote teaching. In the event of such a change, Course Lecturers will be advised without delay. Course Lecturers may be required to prepare and deliver teaching material suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill myCourses learning management system. Training and assistance on remote teaching is available through Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) . Course Lecturers are encouraged to record their lectures.



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