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Intent to Transfer

Intent to Transfer Policy 

Students in the Faculty of Education are required to be registered on a full-time basis in their chosen program of study. Students who intend to transfer to another degree program at McGill and who wish to deviate from this program of study in order to obtain any necessary pre-requisites have one academic year to successfully complete their proposed transfer. 

Choosing to deviate from your program can be an appropriate choice for students who wish to change their field of study; however, it is a serious decision with serious implications. Prior to undertaking an altered course of study, it is important to understand the potential impact of your decision, including, but not limited to:

  • delay in degree progression due to Education credits not being counted towards your new degree program (e.g. Arts, Science, etc.)
  • running out of time in which to your complete degree (see University calendar for different faculties’ regulations in this respect)
  • requirement to withdraw from the University

What if I am unsuccessful in my application to transfer?

Students who are unsuccessful in their transfer application are required to withdraw from the Faculty and, subsequently, the University.

Students who find themselves in this position have the option of appealing to the Director, Internships & Student Affairs Office to continue their studies in the Faculty of Education; however, after an unsuccessful transfer attempt, it is expected that students will begin to pursue the degree which they are registered to complete (i.e. B.Ed, B.Sc Kinesiology). Written requests should outline reasons for wishing to stay in the Faculty of Education and be accompanied by a proposed study plan which has been reviewed and signed by the student's Academic Adviser.

For questions or further information about the policy or process, please contact isa.education [at] mcgill.ca or visit the Internships & Student Affairs Office.   

ISA strongly recommends you contact the Faculty you wish to transfer into for more information about their specific requirements before deviating from your plan of study.


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