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Substitute Teaching Self-Reporting

Teacher Candidates (Student Teachers) should use this form to self-report any authorized substitute teaching done during FE3, FE4, IN1, or IN2.

Why do you need to self-report substitute teaching?

  1. Your Liability Coverage: When a Teacher Candidate serves as a substitute teacher, they are expected to be a paid employee of the school/board during this time, which means they will consequently NOT be covered by McGill's CNESST coverage for students performing internships. To be covered by the school/board's CNESST liability insurance during any substitute teaching, the student and school/board must ensure that the student is officially employed as a substitute teacher and paid employment income by the school/board for this specific work period. The ISA Office therefore needs to be made aware of any substitute teaching done by a Teacher Candidate, to confirm what coverage they were under during this time.
  2. 5-Day/32-Hour Limit: The McGill Teacher Candidate can serve as a substitute teacher for no more than five (5) days or 32 hours during their field placement. 



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