MIF Lunch & Learn 8: Finding non-dilutive funding

Thursday, April 20, 2023 12:00to13:00
Jean-Luc Hebert, Josianne Jalbert and Sahar Ansary

In the early days of a spinoff or start-up business, securing adequate funding is critical. But in many cases, founders have to give up some ownership of their company to investors. That's why finding non-dilutive sources of funding is a vital step to ensure future success. But what sources are there? And how difficult is it to obtain? To illuminate this topic, we have assembled the following panel of experts:

Jean-Luc Hébert is an Industrial Technology Advisor for IRAP-NRC. He provides support to small and medium-size enterprises to accelerate their growth and generate wealth for the Canadian economy. He offers a comprehensive suite of advisory services and funding to integrate state of the art technology and processes.

Josianne Jalbert is the Creative Content Lead for the Innovative Solution Canada Program at Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). She has been a public servant for 20 years, occupying various positions in the communications field.

Sahar Ansary is a partner at R&D PArtners. She has assisted hundreds of small to large-sized organizations across Canada with SR&ED and E-business tax credit programs for over ten years and has led work on over $50M in related claims. She specializes in identifying and optimizing the technical and financial aspects of various funding programs, maximizing overall tax credits, and managing major accounts. Sahar has significant experience in the aerospace, medical device, and software industries.

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