IHPP curricular initiatives

Education for Reconciliation
Call to Action 62:ii. Provide the necessary funding to post-secondary institutions to educate teachers on how to integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods into classrooms (www.trc.ca)

The IHPP is in the process of designing a faculty development workshop with the guidance of an Indigenous advisory group and in collaboration with the Faculty Development Office.

The following are some of the IHPP’s educational initiatives:

Indigenous Awareness Weeks

Dismantling Racism in Healthcare and Education (2018)
Matriarchy and Indigenous women: Panel discussion on midwifery and infant-maternal health (2019)

Scan of current and emerging practices in Indigenous health curricula across Canada (Winter 2019)

Consulting with all partners to design a community event around teaching and learning Indigenous health (Winter 2019)

A day long retreat with Indigenous community partners and McGill faculty to understand the needs and perspectives of Indigenous communities in Quebec focused on implications for healthcare education. An open report provides a summary and thematic analysis of the dialogue at the curriculum retreat (2019)

Launch of an Elders-in-Residence (traditional knowledge holders) program in 2019 for both student and educator support.

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