Welcome to the IHP Program

The Indigenous Health Professions Program at McGill University

The Indigenous Health Professions Program (IHPP) brings together all schools in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences plus other schools and faculties at McGill with an overall goal of improving the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada. By recruiting and training more Indigenous health care professionals and by teaching all health professionals about the unique health aspects regarding Indigenous peoples, we feel this can make a lasting difference.  The IHPP has been developed through consultation and collaboration with Indigenous communities in Quebec, leaders of successful Indigenous health programs at other Canadian universities, as well as other McGill departments, committees and programs. 

Our specific objectives are:

  • To increase the interest and readiness of Indigenous students applying to enter health professions programs
  • To improve recruitment and retention strategies by ensuring support of Indigenous applicants throughout the admissions process, as well as during health professional training programs
  • To provide effective, culturally safe training opportunities for all students and faculty in health professions to learn about Indigenous peoples’ health
  • To initiate the development/expansion of Indigenous students’ admission strategies within each health professional training program at McGill University


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