Our Name & Logo

Mohawk Name: Ronwati'nikonra:kon entewaientho (We’ll plant a seed in their minds)

Artist Statement:

This design incorporates significant themes related to Indigenous health, learning, and collaboration meant to represent the mission of the Indigenous Health Professions Program (IHPP) at McGill.

The central design draws from wampum patterns—the two figures are described by straight lines, which at the same time references rows of strung shell beads and the modernity inherent in crisp, incising shapes. This combination of past and present acknowledges a connection to history and those who came before, but does not limit us to tradition, leaving space enough for continued evolution and learning. As well, wampum itself symbolizes the ways we collaborate, and emphasizes the importance of self-determination to the future of Indigenous peoples.

The main content of the image—the woman and man—personifies the duality of nature and consciousness, and the strength that lies in welcoming differences. The two figures together plant and nurture a stalk of corn, which illustrates partnership, growth, and science. The circle surrounding the figures and plants is many things at once—the sun, the moon, the earth, the sky—and reminds us that we stand not alone, but interconnected with the whole of existence.

Lastly, the hearts of both of the figures are highlighted, as in health and biology, but also as in wellness. Concisely, this logo is meant to symbolize Indigenous health and wellness in its many forms, as well as collaboration, growth, nature, learning, and the quintessential duality of humanity.


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