Force and Pressure Measurement

Piezoresitive pressure sensors  

Piezoresistive sensors are capable of measuring pressures of up to 100 psi. Using a remote data logger we can collect data from up to 32 of these sensors to map various anatomical features of the body such as points of the foot while inside a ice hockey skate or pressure points on a heaform wearing a hockey helmet. Integration of kinematic data (joint motions) with pressure data (from the piezoresistive sensors) can allow for a syncronized analysis of the foot while performing various skating tasks. This data can then be used to help explain some of the foot dynamics during the complex movements involved in ice hockey.

How It Works

The FSA pressure mapping system is based on Piezo Resistive Technology. This means that the resistance changes with applied pressure. FSA has a proprietary piezo resistive semi conductive polymer sandwiched between two layers of highly conductive rip stop nylon fabric. The floating sandwich allows conformability to the compound curved surfaces of the seating environment as the slippery layers move freely and minimize hammocking. The changes in resistance which result from the different pressures on the semi conductor are interpreted by the Interface module and relayed to the computer where they are displayed as an array of colors and digital pressure values. Corrections are made along the way for hysteresis (direction of loading) and creep (changes with time) and individual sensor variations

picture of a headform with pressure sensors on it, and respective pressure graphs

picture showing the visualization of pressure data during skating

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