3D Motion Capture

Using an optoelectric infra-red based motion capture system (4 Vicon Vantage V5, 4 Vero2.2, 8 T10S, and 2 T40S) we are able to analyze several ice hockey related tasks without having to constrain the subjects' movement with wires and/or devices that could alter the nature of the investigated task. Small retro-reflective markers are placed on the participants which are tracked by the camera system for further kinematics analysis.

This system has been used to assess wrist shot accuracy in lab, skate push-off kinematics in lab, hockey stick handling in lab, hockey skating starts on the ice surface, and wrist/slapshots on the ice surface.

Here are a few example videos of 3D work done in lab and on ice:

Time lapse of on-ice steup

3D reconstruction of an 18 camera on ice setup

3D reconstruction of a full-body ice hockey skating start with Centre of Mass projected (yellow dot)

3D reconstruction of a full-body ice hockey wristshot in lab setting

3D reconstruction of a ice hockey blade and puck during a slapshot in lab setting










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