Electrogoniometry & EMG

Electrogoniometers allow for measurement of joint angles in two dimensions. At the ankle for example, we can measure the extent of dorsi and plantar flexion as well as inversion and eversion simultaneously from a single sensor. One of the great advantages of this technology is that the subject is not wired to a computer system and the goniometer does not interfere with the joint movement due to their small size. Up to eight goniometers can be recorded at the same time by the data logger that fits into a small backpack worn by the subject. After collection, this data can be uploaded to a computer for later analysis and visualization.

These same data loggers can be used to record Electromyography (EMG) muscle signals while a participant is performing hockey relates tasks, i.e. skating, shooting, etc.

picture of an electrogionemeter placed on the skate (ankle) of a participant in an ice hockey skate

Electrogoniometer placed on the achilles tendon of a partipant in a hockey skate

picture of the biometics datalogger with 2 EMG electrodes

Biometrics Datalogger shown with 2 EMG electrodes

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