picture of co-director Dr. David Pearsall

Dr. David J. Pearsall, Director

PhD Queen's University, Anatomy
MSc Queen's University, Biomechanics

Current research:

- Human Locomotion - Running on irregular terrains
- Applied Ice Hockey Research

Personal Statement:

My current research efforts include the study of :

(1) the physics of human movement (i.e. biomechanics), including tasks from walking and running e.g. the effect of side slopes – such as with the indoor track – on rear foot motion and upper body posture/balance; the effect of fatigue on lower limb kinematics / in shoe loading dynamics / electromyography (EMG) recruitment changes during long distance running; measurement of fore-rear foot torsion during running) and the unique context of locomotion on ice i.e. skating in ice hockey (e.g. the relation of ice hockey performance and design issues related to the skate such as : in boot rear foot kinematics using goniometers; in boot pressure patterns during various skating tasks; measurement of muscle activation patterns using EMG during skating, and

(2) the impact tolerances of the human body e.g. ice hockey helmet impact performance with aging and use; global dynamic pressure measures between helmet and head during impact; computer modeling of impact behavior of helmets; effect of foam densities and geometries on impact distribution; and impact distribution to soft tissues of the upper and lower limbs.


picture of Dr. Shawn M. Robbins

Dr. Shawn M. Robbins

Post-doctoral fellow, Dalhousie University, School of Physiotherapy
PhD, Western University, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
BSc, Western University, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Current research:

- Biomechanical Factors in Knee Osteoarthritis
- Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Muscoskeletal Conditions
- Applied Ice Hockey Research

Personal Statement:

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University. My research areas include:

1) utilizing biomechanical, clinical, and physical activity measures to assess musculoskeletal health conditions and the interventions used to treat these conditions in both clinical and laboratory settings. The health condition I primarily examine is knee osteoarthritis. I am currently exploring differences in mechanical and neuromuscular factors between different types of knee osteoarthritis and the impact on disease progression.

2) exploring lower extremity kinematics during ice hockey skating and the impact of equipment design on these variables.

picture of Dr. Larry Lessard

Dr. Larry Lessard

PhD Stanford University, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
MSc Stanford University, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Current Research:

- Design of Composite Structures
- Stress and Failure Analysis

Personal Statement:

My current research efforts include the study of :

(1) use of composite materials in the design of structures.  Materials such as carbon fibre, aramid, fiberglass and natural fibre composites (flax, hemp) are researched.  Applications include structures in aerospace, automotive, robotics, sports equipment and musical instrument design.

(2) the ability to predict failure in composite structures that have been designed using various manufacturing methods.  Methods considered include hand layup, inner-bladder molding, automated fiber placement and resin transfer moulding.  Development of failure prediction techniques using modeling and appropriate failure criteria.  Appropriate testing techniques are used to verify all modeling techniques.


Dr. Jordan Koch

PhD University of Alberta, Sport Sociology
MSc University of Calgary, Sport History

Current Research:

- Social dimensions of sport, physical education, and health promotion in both rural First Nations and urban Indigenous contexts.

Personal Statement:

I am the Principal Investigator of Bodies of Power, Nations of Strength: Elite Athlete Development in Three First Nations Hockey Programs—a federally-funded study that considers how remote First Nations might leverage advanced exercise science and athlete-centered technologies in ways that support Indigenous governance. My research has been funded by SSHRC, CIHR and Sport Canada, and was also recognized by the Sport Information Research Centre for the ‘Impact of Sport on the Community’ category.



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