Research Assistant

picture of research assistant Philippe Renaud

Philippe Renaud

M.Sc. Biomechanics, McGill University (2015)
B.Ed. Physical and Health Education, McGill University (2013)

Current research:

- Three-Dimensional hockey skating and shooting

Personal Statement:

I joined the McGill Ice Hockey Research Group in the fall of 2013 as a graduate student under the supervision of Dr. David Pearsall. Throughout my life I have always been interested in sports. I played hockey for ten years when I was younger, then snowboarded for 4 years, and finally I played football for 9 years; I played 4 years for McGill. When I was accepted into the IHRG, I was very happy because sport specific research was something that really interested me. I had also completed a 3 month undergraduate practicum in the IHRG lab in the Fall of 2012, and with this experience I knew that this was an academic and hopefully career path that I wanted to pursue. I finished my masters degree in the fall of 2015. My project was titled "Three-dimensional kinematics of the lower limbs during ice hockey skating starts on the ice surface". As of december 2015, I have been the research assistant for the IHRG group.

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