The Road Less Travelled: Unique careers for neuroscientists


Leacock Building Room 232, 855 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 2T7, CA



Discover diverse career paths available to you after your neuroscience graduate studies or postdoctoral experience!

Join us for a career panel featuring 6 inspiring speakers:


  • Chelsea Cavanagh

PhD, Neuroscience '16 | Senior Consultant , Strategy & Nonfinancial Risks at Ernst & Young

  • Nazem El Husseini

PhD, Pharmacology & Therapeutics '18 | Intern Hazard Evaluator at Health Canada

  • Noha Gerges

PhD, Cancer Genetics '14 | Business Development Specialist at Mitacs and HBHL

  • Nicole Lai

MSc, Neuroscience '17 | Partner Operations Manager at Real Ventures

  • Daphnee Lalonde

MSc, Neuroscience '11 | Project Director at Kyriel Communications

  • Cristian Zaelzer

PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology '09 | Founder & Director at Convergence Initiative, and Research Associate at MUHC


The panel discussion will be followed by networking with food provided.

Please register here.

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