HBHL/NeuroSphere Workshop: Transitioning from academia to industry in neuroscience

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 15:00to17:00

Register for the workshop by March 7

Are you considering a career outside of academia after you complete graduate studies? In this workshop, you will gain insight and skills to navigate the challenges and opportunities of industry.

Learn from professional recruiters Thomas Vignalou and Bahare Samadi (Adoc Talent Management) about how to acquire the transferable skills commonly learned through neuroscience research training and how to clearly express these skills to stand out in job interviews.

You will also hear from Jessica Wilson, Technical Director for iMotions, about her career path and how she transitioned from academic research to industry.


Bahare Samadi, PhD

Bahare holds a PhD in biomedical engineering focused on the biomechanics of human motion from Polytechnique Montreal. She has expertise in developing machine learning algorithms applied to pediatric rehabilitation. Being fully aware of the challenges that PhD holders face in their transition from university to other sectors, she joined Adoc Talent Management to make this journey more efficient for both recruiters and candidates. She works as a consultant in research, training and recruitment.

Thomas Vignalou, MBA

Thomas holds an MBA degree from Kedge Business School and has worked in various management and business development positions. After holding a strategic position within a human resources consulting firm in Montreal, he joined the Montreal office of Adoc Talent Management. He's involved in business development, account and project management as well as recruitment missions.

Jessica Wilson, PhD

Jessica Wilson got her BSc in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, and her PhD in Neuroscience from Northwestern University in 2015, where she studied spinal motoneuron behavior in Parkinson's disease. In graduate school, she discovered a love of teaching and science outreach, and leveraged her experience to join iMotions, a software company that helps bring human biosensor tools to companies and researchers in different industries. After five years, Jessica is now the Technical Director of iMotions North America, where she manages the product specialist, customer success and support teams. She also continues to consult and train clients on how to bring neuroscience into multiple disciplines including marketing, education, usability, automotive, gaming and more.

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