Registration dates

The date you are able to register for your classes depends on two factors: your status (new vs. returning) and the term (e.g., Fall, Winter, Summer). Verify your registration dates and deadlines.


Registration for courses is done through Minerva. To learn about how to register and course offerings, visit our Registering for courses webpage.

Consulting course offerings

Detailed program information and available courses are listed on the eCalendar. The eCalendar is updated every academic year. Course offerings are subject to availability.

Be sure to follow your academic department's instructions to determine the courses that you should register for. Certain departments will invite new students like you to an orientation / advising session, and may inform you which courses should be selected afterwards. In other cases, your department will have prepared a list of courses for which you should register. 

Mandatory trainings

Graduate students are required to complete several online trainings:

  1. Academic integrity tutorial: accessed through Minerva, this online tutorial focuses on teaching students about academic offences (e.g., cheating and plagiarism) which carry serious repercussions.
  2. It Takes All of Us - Sexual Violence Education Program: accessed through myCourses, this virtual program is designed to increase awareness of sexual violence and comprises four modules: sexual violence, consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors.
  3. Graduate Supervision Orientation tutorial (thesis students only): accessed through myCourses, this online tutorial covers various aspects of graduate supervision for new students.

Students are required to complete the Academic integrity tutorial and It Takes All of Us - Sexual Violence Education Program within their first semester. Students required to complete the Graduate Supervision Orientation are expected to do so before the start of the term.

Failure to complete the mandatory trainings in the prescribed time frame will result in a hold being placed on the student's record.

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