Student Stories

Learn more about McGill from our current and recent graduate students.

Student Stories are concise and authentic stories about our graduate students. We encourage you to explore their stories to learn more about what it means to be part of our community.

Yasemin Erdogan, student featured in the article

Never ending curiosity

Yasemin Erdogan recently completed the MA in Educational Psychology (Human Development). Having started as an undergrad and then pursuing her graduate studies at McGill, she was motivated by the potential to learn new things and explore different opportunities.

Forging the future of disease diagnostics and treatment

John Nguyen, a PhD student in Biological and Biomedical Engineering (BBME) saw in real-time how his research in the lab could be applied to the real world in the context of global health pandemics. By continuing his project and research, he aims to make positive change to the benefit of society.

John Nguyen, student featured in story

Stephanie Sirmakesyan, student featured in the article

Finding what you need

Stephanie Sirmakesyan recently submitted the first draft of her thesis in the MSc in Experimental Surgery. After having spent most of her degree off campus due to COVID-19 restrictions, she shares her unique experience of finding everything she needed to develop and succeed in her academic journey.

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