The McGill Global Mental Health webinar series provides critical, cultural, and practical perspectives on the global initiative to address mental health needs, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The webinar series aims to raise awareness of the broad disparities that exist in global mental health around the world; exchange recent social, cultural and critical research, focusing on policy and practice implications across geographical locations as well as language/cultural groups; increase capacity of practitioners to more effectively address the mental health needs of diverse populations; and provide learning opportunities for students and scholars worldwide. These multilingual online events will create spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue and facilitate international cross-fertilization.

Webinar 1:

  Prof. Laurence Kirmayer (McGill)

  Co-constructing knowledge in Global Mental Health

  Info: English   Spanish      Recordings: English | Spanish


Webinar 2:

  Prof. Cecile Rousseau (McGill)

  Violent radicalization: prevention and intervention dilemmas

  Info: English   French   Spanish     Recordings: English | French | Spanish 


Webinar 3:

  Prof. Leslie Swartz (Stellenbosch University)

  Who Counts as a Person? Disability, Mental Health and the Violence of Concealment

  Info: English   French   Spanish


Webinar 4:

  Père Eddy Eustache, MA and PhD (Bircham International University) and Prof. Anne E. Becker (Harvard Medical School)

  Expanding Youth Access to Mental Health Care: Lessons from a School-Based Study in Haiti

  Info: English   French


Webinar 5:

  Peter Ventevogel, MA and PhD (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

  Refugee Mental Health and Mental Health in Humanitarian Emergencies

   Info: English   French