Sandra Teresa Hyde, Ph.D.

Sandra Teresa Hyde is an Associate Professor at McGill University in the Department of Anthropology; an Associate Fellow in the Departments of East Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Studies of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine.  She is also affiliated with the Institutes for Gender, Sexuality and Feminism and the Institute for the Study of International Development in Arts, and Global Health and Global Mental Health in Medicine. Her current project is a manuscript titled -- Chasing the Dragon: Chinese Market Socialism, Psychosociability and the Malleable Addict that is based on six years of research in the first therapeutic residential drug treatment center in China. Two previous books are Eating Spring Rice: The Cultural Politics of AIDS in Southwest China (2007), and Postcolonial Disorders (2008), co-edited with Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, Sarah Pinto and Byron Good.  She has also published articles in a wide range of journals from Public Health to Philosophy.

Selected Articles

Hyde, S. T. (in-press), “Spending my own Money, Harming my own body: Addiction and Care in Southwest China,” for special issue of Medical Anthropology on Therapeutics, Governance and Care in Asia.

Hyde, S. T. (in-progress), “Lines Blurred: Reconfiguring NGO Anthropologist Partnerships in Southwest China,” for American Ethnologist.

Hyde, S. T. (2011). “Migrating Heroin Therapeutics: Turning Addicts into Patients and Patients into Healthy Citizens in Southwest China,” Body & Society Special Issue on Medical Migration, Vol. 17 (2&3): 184-204.

Hyde, S. T. (2010), “Global Flows in Drug Treatment: Heroin Addiction and Therapeutic Community Approaches in China,” Global Health and the UAE: Asia-Middle East Connections, special issue Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, Vol. 22S (3), July: 197-203.

Hyde, S. T. (2006). “The Wedding of Qualitative Research and Public Health Policy” (in English), Institute of Sexuality and Gender (Zhongguo renmin daxue, xingshehuixue yanjiusuo), China People’s University, Beijing, March 4. pp.1-15.

Selected Books and Manuscript

Hyde, S. T. (in-progress) Chasing the Dragon: Psychosociability and the Malleable Addict, manuscript draft for Duke University Press Series in Critical Public Health.

Good, M. J. D., Hyde, S. T., Pinto, S. and Good, B. (eds.) (2008) Postcolonial Disorders. Ethnographic Studies in Subjectivity Series, Berkeley: University of California Press. Reviews published in Daedalus, American Ethnologist, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Anthropological Quarterly, Metapsychology, American Journal of Sociology, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, Common Knowledge, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Common Knowledge, Hemispheric Institute, Journal of Anthropological Research.

Hyde, S. T. (2007) Eating Spring Rice: The Cultural Politics of AIDS in Southwest China, Berkeley: University of California Press. Nominated for the Margaret Mead Award in 2008. Reviews published in The Lancet, History of Science, The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, The China Quarterly, East Asia, AIDS, Social History of Medicine, China Information, Nursing Ethics, Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale.

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