Marc Laporta, M.D.

Marc Laporta, MD, became interested in international and global issues in mental health, as his clinical involvement with cultural groups deepened. His first mission under the auspices of the Montreal WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre consisted in developing Vietnam’s capacity for early intervention in mental health disorders. He later led another mission in Vietnam to help the country’s mental health system move toward community-based psychiatry. The goal of his third mission was to set up training related to psychosocial difficulties following the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia. 

Marc Laporta, MD, develops international collaborative ventures with countries such as Belize and Dominica and is involved in Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)-led endeavours in the area of emergencies and disasters for the Americas. 

He is also involved in issues related to mental health policy and mental health delivery in primary care settings. His goal is to raise McGill University’s awareness of and participation in global mental health issues and to directly involve medical students and residents in international activities. 

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