Raphael Lencucha, Ph.D.

Raphael Lencucha is an assistant professor in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University. He holds an FRQS chercheurs-boursiers (Junior 1) and is a full member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation. Raphael is interested in the social, political and economic context of public policy making and implementation. He is currently conducting research examining the development and implementation of Canada’s first federal recovery-oriented mental health strategy. He is also engaged in research that examines the intersection of public health policymaking (tobacco control) and economic policy. His projects have been conducted in Brazil, Philippines, Zambia, Kenya, and Malawi. He has worked with civil society and intergovernmental organizations including most recently a co-authored report entitled “Tobacco control governance in sub-Saharan Africa: Implementing Article 5.2(a) of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control” published by the Framework Convention Secretariat of the WHO FCTC and the United Nations Development Programme. He has published in diverse venues including The Lancet, Health Policy and Planning, Tobacco Control and American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Selected Publications

Lencucha, R., Labonte, R., & Drope, J. (Accepted). Rhetoric and the law, or the law of rhetoric: How countries oppose novel tobacco control at the World Trade Organization. Social Science & Medicine.

Ruckert, A., Labonte, R., Lencucha, R., Runnels, V., & Gagnon, M. (2016) Global health diplomacy: A critical review of the literature. Social Science & Medicine.

Park, M., Lencucha, R., Mattingly, C., Zafran, H., & Kirmayer, L. (2015).
A qualitative study on the ethics of transforming care: examining the development and implementation of Canada's first mental health strategy (Study Protocol). Implementation Science. 10(122). 1-9.

Lencucha, R., Drope, J., Labonte, R., Zulu, R., & Goma, F. (2015). Investment incentives and the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Evidence from Zambia. Tobacco Control.

Labonte, R. & Lencucha, R. (2015). Regulating electronic cigarettes in Canada: Finding the balance between precaution and harm reduction. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

Lencucha, R., Labonte, R. & Drope, J. (2015). Tobacco plain packaging: Too hot for regulatory chill. The Lancet. (Letter) 385(9979). 1723.

Lencucha, R., Drope, J., & Chavez, J. (2015). Whole-of-Government approaches to NCDs: The case of the Philippine Interagency Committee Tobacco (IAC-T). Health Policy and Planning. 30(7). 844-852.

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