Managing Director

Managing Director

Patrick Cortbaoui, PhD

Managing Director; Academic Associate

Dr. Cortbaoui is an agricultural engineer, food security consultant and project manager with over 12 years track record in providing sustainable agriculture engineering solutions to alleviate food insecurity in different regions of the world including North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and Asia. This is done through the establishment and implementation of pre-/post-production technologies and food quality management strategies that meet the requirements of the producer, the retailer and the consumer while improving resource-use efficiency along agri-food value chains. He has wide expertise in management encompassing Research-for-Development, Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization, Strategic and Operational Planning, Communication and Outreach Management, and Team Mentoring and Training.

He is currently Managing Director at the Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security, strengthening the Institute’s leading role and partnership between academia, the private sector, governments and NGOs. In this capacity, he is responsible to oversee several international projects aiming to enhance Food and Nutrition Security for local households in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) through Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), CARE Canada and Grand Challenges Canada. He also served as a Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment Consultant to a USAID – ADRA NGO project, using qualitative-quantitative research methodology to tackle issues on food insecurity, poverty and community resiliency in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The results of this assessment was used to inform the design and development of a USD $60M project that ADRA was planning to conduct in some of the territories in that country. On a similar note, he is enrolled as an Agricultural Engineer Consultant to the United Nations, addressing issues dealing with value chain analysis in Western Asia.

Dr. Cortbaoui received his PhD. in Bioresouce Engineering from McGill University. His interest was to develop and validate engineering solutions to reducing post-harvest losses of fresh fruits and vegetables thereby increasing food availability without compromising the environment. Working in international development provided him an opportunity to gain insightful knowledge on solving organizational development issues, integrating social and engineering sciences and communicating progress and results at international conferences and workshops. Dr. Cortbaoui is currently active at numerous professional associations, including the UN-FAO Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN), Order of the Engineer (USA), National Society of Professional Engineers (USA), American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, and the Canadian Society of Bioengineering.