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Associate professor, McGill University, Physics Department (2016-)

Assistant professor, McGill University, Physics Department (2010-2016)

Associate member, McGill University, Biology Department (2010-)

Past position: Post-doc fellow, Rockefeller University, Siggia Group (2005-2010)

Academic degrees:

  • Doctorat (French PhD), Theoretical Physics, Université Paris VII (Ecole Normale Supérieure), Supervisor: Vincent Hakim (2005)
  • Master, Theoretical Physics, Ecole Normale Supérieure (2002)
  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur de l'Ecole Polytechnique (2001)

Some awards :

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr. Rabea Seyboldt

Graduate students


Laurent Jutras-Dubé

Félix Proulx-Giraldeau

Thomas Rademaker

Ben Levitan (co-supervised with Sylvain Baillet)

Jimmy photo

Jimmy Hsu (co-supervised with Gary Brouhard)

Allen Leary (co-supervised with Jackie Vogel)

François Bourassa

Yeeren Low (co-supervised with Paul Wiseman)


Undergraduate students


Juliette Lavoie




Dr. Adrien Henry

Dr. Mathieu Hemery

Dr. Anna Mkrtchyan

Dr. Kevin Stokely (co-supervision with Steven Michnick at UdM)

Dr Martin Tchernookov (2014-2015, now Visiting Professor at Lamar University)

Dr. Marianne Corvellec (post-doc, 2013, now Software Engineer at Plotly )

Graduate students


Dr. Mathias Beaupeux, now at Morgan Stanley

Jeremy Rothschild, now phD student at University of Toronto


Jean-Benoît Lalanne (M. Sc. Student 2012-2014), now PhD candidate at MIT

Daniel Tufcea (M. Sc. Student 2012-2014), now Software Engineer at Google


Undergraduate students


Andres Ross (Summer 2017, McGill University U1)

Vincent Verbavatz (Summer 2017, Ecole Polytechnique, stagiaire)

Uriel Kauffman (Summer 2017, Ecole Polytechnique, stagiaire)

Félix Roy (Summer 2016, Ecole Polytechnique, stagiaire)

Kush Chaudhary (Fall 2015-Winter 2016, Honours Research project)

Tim Miller (Fall 2015-Winter 2016, Honours Research project)

Laura Saunders (USRA award, Summer 2015)

Kyle Johnson (Summer 2015)

Haider Riaz (Winter 2015, Honours Physics Research project)

David Herrera (Winter 2015, Research project)

Peter Tsimiklis (Summer 2014, USRA award)

Paul Jreidini (Summer 2014, USRA award)

Christopher Bahr (Winter 2014, Honours CS/Physics Research project)

Timothy Spurdle (Winter 2014, Honours CS/Physics Research project)

Alec Silver (Fall 2012-Winter 2013, Undergraduate trainee, McGill QBI Program)

Raphael Gorrand (Summer 2012, Stage ENS Cachan)

Emily Tsang (Fall 2011 Research project, computer science and biology, with F. Fagotto)

Alexandra Thomson (Summer 2011, McGill SURA award)

Sarah Perez (2011, McGill Honours Research Project)

Nicolas Despierre (Summer 2011, Stage d'option Ecole polytechnique)

Romain Breschet (Summer 2011, INSA Lyon)



Paul François

Ernest Rutherford Physics Building, Room 221
McGill University
3600 rue University
Montréal, QC, Canada H3A 2T8


Tel: +1 514 398 1635 Fax : +1 514 398 8434

Email: paulf at physics dot mcgill dot ca


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