Stochastic integration of networks evolved in Lalanne & PF, PRL 2013

Tracking of ECM movements from Benazeraf, PF, et al. Nature, 2010

"Evolutionary space" for two fitnesses function for adaptive network, from PF, Siggia, Phys Biol 2008

Evolutionary pathways for dipteran segmentation predicted by in silico evolution, from Rothschild et al.





OUR MAIN AFFILIATION HAS NOW MOVED TO UNIVERSITE DE MONTREAL, and we are now associate members to MILA Québec, please Check the New Website for more information





We still are adjunct to the McGill Department of Physics.


Paul François

Ernest Rutherford Physics Building, Room 221
McGill University
3600 rue University
Montréal, QC, Canada H3A 2T8


Tel: +1 514 398 1635 Fax : +1 514 398 8434

Email: paulf at physics dot mcgill dot ca


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