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November 2019

Paul receives the Rutherford Memorial Medal




September 2019 : Paul is awarded the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics


July 2019 : Paper on adversarial examples and cell recognition is out in PRX !

May 2019 : The McGill Physics and AI conference is a success with 200 attendees !

June 2018 : The phievo paper is out !

May 2018 : Thomas wins an award for his presentation at the RQMP Grande Conference, congratulations !

April 2018: François Bourassa, Myriah Haggard, Juliette Lavoie and Louis Richez join the group for the summer. Welcome !

October 2017 : Another poster prize for Félix and Thomas at BioConnect 2017, congratulations !


September 2017 : Thomas Rademaker is coming back for his phD. Welcome back Thomas !

May 2017 : Jimmy and Félix win poster prize at the annual meeting of the Biophysical Society of Canada ! Congrats !

May 2017: Paul is awarded the Herzberg medal from Canadian Association of Physicists

December 2016 : The spandrel paper is finally out in Physical biology

September 2016: Félix Proulx-Giraldeau and Laurent Jutras-Dubé join the group for their Master, welcome to both !

June 2016 : Thomas successfully defends his Master, Paul is promoted to associate professorship with tenure.

June 2016 : Positional information from oscillatory phase shifts : insights from in silico evolution out in Physical Biology.

May 2016 : Our latest paper is out in PLOS Genetics "Predicting Ancestral Segmentation Phenotypes from Drosophila to Anopheles Using In Silico Evolution"

January 2016 : Check our review on information processing in immune recognition in J Stat Phys "The Case for Absolute Ligand Discrimination: Modeling Information Processing and Decision by Immune T Cells"

October 2015: Our latest paper is out in Biophysical Journal "Critical timing without timer for embryonic development"

September 2015: Thomas Rademaker joins the group from University of Geneva, welcome Thomas !

June 2015: Paul is awarded one of the three McGill Principal's Prizes for Outstanding Emerging Researchers at science convocation ceremony


May 2015: "Researchers on the rise", article in the McGill reporter

May 2015: Our latest paper is out in Development "Dynamics of the slowing segmentation clock reveal alternating two-segment periodicity" , collaboration with Sharon Amacher

May 2015: Kyle Johnson and Laura Saunders join the group as summer undergraduate research students. Welcome !

January 2015: Our latest paper is out in PNAS early edition "Chemodetection in fluctuating environments: Receptor coupling, buffering, and antagonism"

January 2015: Paul's course at Institut Curie on vertebrate segmentation for physicists is now available online

October 2014:  Paul's talk at the Simons Foundation 2014 MPS meeting is now online


September 2014: Jimmy Hsu and Jeremy Rothschild join the group as M. Sc. students. Welcome to both of them !

August 2014: Jean-Benoît Lalanne and Daniel Tufcea are graduating with a M. Sc in Physics. Congratulations !

August 2014:  Paul is one of the inaugural Simons Investigators in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems


Paul François

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