Career/Employment opportunities

careerIn terms of employment, food scientists hold many important positions in the food industry. Typical positions are in quality assurance, product development and processing. Both large and small companies need qualified personnel who are knowledgeable about processing, quality and safety. Once in a particular industry, your learning process continues because each sector is a field of its own. Companies that have hired our graduates include Kraft Canada, Culinar, Weston, Ault Foods, Lallemand Inc., to name a few. Many former students proceed to management positions after learning the details of the particular industry they are involved in because they have a university education that has prepared them to lead rather than be led. In the government sector, inspection, regulation and extension work are common fields of employment. If one also opts to gain access to the Ordre des chimistes, the legal right and privilege to practice as a chemist in Québec is conferred and this option is an important consideration in your course selection.


See also ift_careers_in_food_science_brochure.pdf



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