Food Science at McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s premiere universities and is recognized worldwide as an outstanding institution for teaching and research. To maintain its leadership position, not only in traditional fields such as medicine and law, McGill is establishing a reputation in evolving scientific disciplines such as Food Science. This is being implemented through a professionally accredited Food Science program designed to supply Canada with highly qualified food scientists for the food industry, government and academia.

McGill’s Food Science undergraduate program has been designed to combine the basic sciences with specialty courses that are directly related to the discipline. The entrance requirements for Quebec residents are a DEC in Pure and Applied Sciences or Health Sciences; they require a minimum of three years to complete the BSc program. Out of province or foreign students can enter through the Freshman program after high school graduation with a science option; these students require four years to complete the BSc program. Once accepted, the students can choose Food Chemistry Option, or Food Science Option . The structure of the BSc program is described in detail in the Undergraduate program section.

McGill also offers Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Non-Thesis MSc Program, MSc and PhD programs in Food Science. These programs are described in detail in the Graduate studies section.


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