McGill PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation)

Who is McGill PRO for?

McGill PRO is for ALL new undergraduate students.

What is McGill PRO?

McGill PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation) is a series of workshops designed to help you navigate course registration and provides you with an opportunity to ask your Academic Advisor questions face-to-face virtually. Some students are also able to write English and French placement exams as well as meet with an Access Advisor from the Office for Students with Disabilities! This is a new virtual initiative! 

When is McGill PRO?

McGill PRO starts on May 25th and officially ends on June 11th. Check your email for your faculty's detailed schedule.

Where is McGill PRO?

Online! All sessions will be delivered remotely. You must register 24 hours in advance in order to be sent a link.

Why do we coordinate McGill PRO?

We recognize that building a class schedule and using Minerva for the first time can be frustrating. Therefore, we want to make the process as clear as possible and set you up for course registration success!

By attending McGill PRO, you will:

  • learn how to navigate Minerva. 
  • learn about course requirements for your programs. 
  • meet your faculty, departmental and program advisors. 
  • learn about first-year resources. 
  • become a course registration PRO! 

How does McGill PRO work?

In order to get the most out of McGill PRO, students are encouraged to attend University 101: Course Registration AND their faculty-specific session(s). These sessions have been designed to meet student and faculty specific needs.

McGill PRO 2021 Registration will open at the beginning of May. 

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