Teaching site in rural northern Canada

Teaching Sites

We teach the principles and practice of family medicine to undergraduate medical students, residents, and students from other healthcare professions. In collaboration with other disciplines, we promote self-directed learning in both community and hospital settings and in urban and rural environments. We provide service to the community through the activities of our clinical faculty, residents, and students in multiple settings.

Among these settings are teaching sites that include both Family Medicine Units (our main teaching sites for students and residents) and multiple community practices, both in rural and urban areas. You will find a non-exhaustive list below. For a more exhaustive list of accredited sites, you can visit the Collége des Médecins du Québec website accreditation page.

McGill currently has six Family Medicine Teaching Units and two associated community practice satellite sites for the training of residents. This gives us the capacity to welcome 84 residents into our program each year. The Quebec Ministry of Health and the four faculties of medicine in Quebec are committed to increasing the percentage of graduating students who become family physicians. This commitment comes from the recognition of the importance of first-line medical care, and from our collective awareness of the social responsibility of our institutions. The target is to provide space for 55% of graduating students to study family medicine. For McGill, this will mean increasing our available residency spots to 106 in 2016. In the years to come, we will be opening new sites and community practices in order to achieve this goal.

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