Health Evidence: The following is a web site designed to provide quality research evidence to public health decision makers, saving you time by searching, screening, and rating the systematic review evidence to compile it in a free, searchable online registry: Findings of a research project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research demonstrated a need for a reliable source of review evidence that decision makers in public health could access and use easily. You can read more about studies and ongoing research elsewhere on the site and you can also read more about the process that each review must pass through before being posted to

The Best of the Medical Internet  Drs. Eddy Lang and Roland Grad created a web page for quicker access to resources for primary health care. On this page you will find many links to the "best" of the medical Internet.

McGill Health Sciences Library

North American Primary Care Research Group

College of Family Physicians of Canada

McGill, Faculty of Medicine, Summer Bursary Program for Medical Students



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