PGME Directors

pgdirector.fammed [at] (Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery)

Program Director, PGME








keith.todd [at] (Dr. Keith Todd)

Navigator, Outcome of Training Project



Administrative Staff

julie.lane [at] (Julie Lane)
Postgraduate Administrative Officer



renee.barter [at] (Renée Barter)

Senior Writer and Editor

robert.c.carlin [at] (Dr. Robert Carlin)

Assistant Program Director, PGME





















postgrad.fammed [at] (Alana Walsh-Ferland)
Program Administrator




sandra.fournier [at] (Sandra Fournier)

Program Administrator, Outcome of Training Project

sandra.morris [at] (Dr. Sandra Morris)

Program Director

(Assessment and Evaluation)
















robson.rochadeoliveira [at] (Dr. Robson Rocha de Oliveira)

Research Associate, Outcome of Training Project






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